Is it a good idea to get a MAG device in 2024?

What Are MAG Devices?

mag devices

MAG devices are set-top boxes (STBs) developed by Infomir. They are designed to deliver IPTV services directly to your TV. These devices are popular for their ease of use, reliable performance, and compatibility with various IPTV services.

What is a Stalker Portal?

A Stalker Portal is middleware software used to manage IPTV services. It provides an interface for users to access live TV, on-demand content, and other IPTV features. When you use a MAG device, it connects to the Stalker Portal to retrieve the content and display it on your TV.

How Do MAG Devices Work?

MAG devices function by establishing a connection to both the IPTV provider’s Stalker Portal and your internet service. This is a detailed breakdown of the procedure:

  1. Use Wi-Fi or a wired Ethernet connection to connect your MAG device to the internet and to your TV via HDMI.
  2. Type the IPTV provider’s portal URL (Stalker Portal URL) into the device’s settings.
  3. The channel list, on-demand video, and other features are retrieved by the MAG device via communication with the Stalker Portal when it is setup.
  4. Choose the material you want to view by navigating the interface with the remote control.

Should You Get a MAG Box in 2024?

firestick devices

Even if MAG devices have been a well-liked option for IPTV subscribers, it’s crucial to take into account recent developments and technological breakthroughs. Here’s why in 2024 a Firestick would be a wiser option:

  • Firestick is compatible with more applications than only IPTV. You have access to a variety of streaming services, including Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.
  • The interface on Firestick is more instinctive and user-friendly. In order to make finding and watching content simpler, it now enables voice control via Alexa.
  • Firesticks are small and lightweight, making it simple to transfer them from TV to TV or bring them on trips.
    With support for 4K streaming and sophisticated Wi-Fi features, Firesticks—especially the most recent models—offer quick and dependable performance.
  • Amazon regularly releases updates for Firesticks, guaranteeing enhanced security and compatibility with the newest features and applications.


Purchasing a MAG box for IPTV in 2024 may not be the ideal option because of its restricted capability in comparison to more adaptable gadgets like the Amazon Firestick. Although MAG devices are dependable and made especially for IPTV, the Firestick has more features, better performance, and more versatility.

A Firestick might be a better option if you are thinking about getting a device for IPTV and general streaming. Along with being compatible with a number of streaming providers, it offers a flawless user experience with the contemporary conveniences of voice control and mobility.

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